Friday prayers in the north are to be dedicated to the people of Palestine, following an announcement from the Religious Affairs Directorate.

“The days we are going through will take their place in the pages of history written in blood. The genocide that Palestinian Muslims are being subjected to, especially in Gaza, will continue for centuries, and peace and tranquility will remain a utopia in this part of the world,” they said.

“Two of the peoples whose existence is persistently not wanted all over the world, who are treated as invaders in their own homeland, and who are forced to choose between death and exile, are the Turkish Cypriots and the Palestinian Muslims,” they said.

“We have decided to pray for our Palestinian brothers in all mosques across the island on Friday.”

In addition, they warned people that they have not yet decided to ask for donations from the general public to send aid to the Palestinian people.

“When it is ensured that the aid will reach its destination in the safest possible way … our aid collection activities for our Palestinian brothers will begin. For this reason, we kindly request people be careful about individuals and institution which may exploit their sincere feelings.”