Two men, a father and son, were remanded in custody for three days on Friday after beating and stabbing the father’s other sonearlier the same day.

Police officer Mustafa Seksler spoke at northern Nicosia’s district court and said police had arrived on the scene at around 11:15am on Friday to find the father and son “seriously battering” the victim in their front garden in the Nicosia neighbourhood of Omorphita.

He said the pair were “hitting various parts of his body”, before the victim’s brother took out a knife and stabbed him in the head and the armpit.

He added that police arrested both suspects at the scene, while the victim, named as Adem Ozansoy, was taken to northern Nicosia’s Dr Burhan Nalbantoglu hospital. He was later discharged.

The father claimed his son had attacked him and hit his head on the ground. His son added that “my father is missing an arm. When he attacked my father, I intervened to save him, otherwise, he could have killed him.”

Judge Jale Erguden granted the police’s request that the pair be remanded in custody for three days. The police’s investigation into the matter is ongoing.