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Gruesome threatening note attached to man’s door

The note left outside the door

Police are investigating a threat against a charity director in Cyprus on Saturday, after he said he received a threat from members of the Jewish community on the island.

Director of the charity Friendship Circle Cyprus Paul Goldberg was targeted, the organisation said, after they had meetings with members of the Palestinian community on the island, and more specifically the ambassador.

Goldberg came home to a gruesome scene, with a pig’s head hanging from his door handle with a threatening note in its mouth that read: 48 hours, if you are still in Cyprus the next head on the door is going to be yours Mr Paul.

Police confirmed the incident to the Cyprus Mail, saying that they are investigating the matter.

“We are gravely concerned, and we strongly condemn the recent attacks and terror against our Director, Mr Paul Goldberg, our Board Members and volunteers by Rabbis and leading members of the Jewish community in Cyprus, after our meetings with Palestinian officials and our efforts to help the starving population in the Gaza Strip,” the organisation said on social media.

They added that the attack on their director marks a worrying escalation of violence, and that it is unjustifiable for the attack to be conducted in the private building of one of their members.

They thanked the police for taking the issue seriously, and investigating the matter, so that the perpetrators can  be held accountable.

“We strongly urge all communities and groups to reject violence. After years of insecurity and instability in the Middle East, it should be clear that violence is not the solution to the challenges we face,” the group said.

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