You may know Foody as a delivery service that allows you to order from your favourite local restaurant’s menu, bring you your ultimate caffeine boost from the coffee shop of your choice, or show up with your most beloved burger. And that’s definitely right! But there’s another side to Foody that many may not be aware of, and that’s Foody market: its grocery delivery service that’s expanding day by day.

Having seen the remarkable increase in the grocery delivery market in particular since the Covid-19 pandemic, the Statista global data and business intelligence platform estimates that 314,500 are expected to be users of grocery delivery in Cyprus by 2027.

The platform’s extensive collection of statistics, reports and insights from over 170 industries attests to the need among Cypriot consumers being met by Foody market. For Foody market, everything is about bringing customers’ desires to their door, through an efficient and speedy delivery system. Whether you’re looking for beverages, snacks, kiosk and liquor cabinet items, general grocery products or a specific item from your favourite bakery, flower shop or pet shop, Foody market can deliver it within 30 minutes.

By definition, the grocery delivery market consists of food and non-food products, including food and beverages, pet food, household cleaning products, personal care products and other domestic consumables.

This year alone, according to Statista, the average revenue per user in Cyprus’ grocery delivery market is projected to be US$0.66k. For Foody market, this ultimately means the Cypriot consumer is acquainted with online shopping, and that the local online grocery shopping trend will continue to grow, becoming more and more of an every day commodity. It is for this reason that Foody market is not only continually increasing its product range for deliveries – at the moment it has more than 5,000 items on its ‘menu’ – but it is also ensuring the variety of products is diverse and meets everyone’s needs. Focus has recently been given emphasis to its fresh fruit and vegetable selection, as well as its fresh meat selections, optimally making sure that it has the resources to stock and deliver fresh products safely to its consumers.

Open from 8.30am to 11pm seven days a week basis, and with a complete service in Nicosia and Limassol, Foody market has set up two hubs where it stores its produce, ultimately making it one of the quickest means to attain a whole range of products. And it’s an easy process: all you have to do is place your order through the Foody website or Foody App, enter your address in the search field, and view the stores that distribute in your area. Once you identify the store of your choice, you can check out its menu and select what you want, add it to your cart, and either pay cash once the delivery arrives, or pay online with your order using a credit card or PayPal. Behind the scenes, Foody market goes about sourcing your order, keeping you informed about its progress and delivery time.

Provided it exists in Cyprus, there’s no easier way to order delivery of anything you require! What’s more, Foody market ensures it offers a selection of products at the most affordable prices, including special offers.

As Foody says: with Foody, you can have whatever you need, whenever and wherever you need it!