The Health Insurance Organisation (HIO) warned on Tuesday of a recent surge in the sending of false and malicious messages to mobile phones, using the name and logo of national health scheme Gesy.

People receiving the messages are asked to click on the link and enter their personal data such as full name, address, city, phone number and subsequently prompted to make a specific payment by providing their banking card details.

The HIO in a statement stressed that this is a fraudulent activity and bears no association with Gesy or the HIO itself.

“Beneficiaries of the Gesy are urged to exercise extreme caution and refrain from following any electronic links or making any payments, as there is a serious risk of their information being stolen,” the statement said.

Furthermore, the HIO added that it never requests personal information or payments through written messages and urges the public to disregard such messages.

The HIO finally advised the public to remain vigilant against such scams and not to engage with suspicious messages or requests for personal information or payments.