The revamped Lemba village cultural centre is set to be handed over to the community as planned by the end of December, community council leader Thucydides Chrysostomou said on Tuesday.

The project has been in the works since last July when a first study into its operation was conducted under the deputy ministry of culture.

Chrysostomou noted that the cultural centre, with a total budget of €4 million, includes infrastructure for an improved School of Fine Arts, which was initially started as the “Lemba College of Art” by the UK-based Cypriot artist, Stas Paraschos.

The upgrade includes multifunctional rooms, workshops and exhibition halls, as well as accommodation for teachers, students and visiting artists.

“The goal is to establish an important ‘cultural lung’ [in the region] and promote [its] rich heritage with the art school as its core,” the Lemba community leader said.