In a groundbreaking development reflecting the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) commitment to gender equality, Despina Theodosiou, a notable figure in the Cypriot shipping industry, has been honoured with the inaugural IMO Gender Equality Award.

This historic decision was announced during the 130th Session of the IMO Council in London, on November 23, aligning with the concurrent 33rd IMO Assembly.

Moreover, the revelation made during the IMO Council’s 130th Session in London signifies a pivotal moment in recognising individuals making significant contributions to gender equality in maritime. At the same time, the IMO Assembly convenes to deliberate on pressing maritime matters.

“Despina Theodosiou embodies the essence of this award, contributing significantly to the promotion of gender equality in the maritime sector,” stated the Cypriot Deputy Ministry of Shipping Marina Hadjimanoli.

As a Member of the Board of Directors of the Cyprus Shipping Chamber and CEO of Tototheo Maritime Ltd., Theodosiou emerges as the deserving recipient of this prestigious award.

Nominated by the Deputy Ministry of Shipping, her commitment sets a benchmark for excellence in promoting gender equality within the shipping industry.

Additionally, the IMO Gender Equality Award, introduced for the first time, aims to recognise individuals making substantial contributions to gender equality and empowering women in the maritime sector.

“The selection of the Cypriot candidate for this particular award is of particular importance, as it is awarded for the first time by the Organisation,” mentioned the Cyprus Shipping Chamber in an announcement released on Friday.

“The Cyprus Shipping Chamber warmly welcomes the acknowledgement of Theodosiou with the IMO Gender Equality Award,” the announcement said.

Moreover, the announcement noted that this recognition is not just a personal triumph but a significant honour for the entire Cypriot Shipping Industry.

“Theodosiou’s award is a recognition of her dedication and substantial contribution to the promotion and empowerment of women in the Shipping Industry and the building of a culture of equality,” said the Cyprus Shipping Chamber.