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TV Shows We Love: Gossip Girl

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I know, I am a little late to the party. Sixteen years (and a reboot) late to be exact as Gossip Girl was released in 2007. But when I finally gave in to that curiosity one afternoon to find out who Blair, Serena and their clan were, I understood the thrill.

It’s not that it’s relatable. There is nothing that says ‘this is just like life in Cyprus’ about a bunch of rich teenagers getting involved in sex, fashion and relationship scandals while dressed in Gucci and Valentino, yet the show does have a certain appeal. I am only on season two of six and I have been warned that a lot more drama will follow and I’m ready for it.

Gossip Girl, so far, is about power games, keeping your frenemies close and not studying. Just one episode showed these upper-class teens in the Upper East Side actually sit an exam. Yet underneath all these, the relationships portrayed do feel real. Marriages caught in that in-between state, passionate teenage love, the painful doom of school rumours revealed on a blog that the whole school follows. Gossip Girl is the narrator of the show and the incognito blogger in the lives of Blair, Serena, Chuck and Dan. Nobody knows who she is or how she knows the personal details of everyone’s lives yet she leads the way.

I am told that viewers find out who she is towards the end of the show but up until now it’s a complete mystery.

The series is based on the novel series of the same name written by Cecily von Ziegesar and won 18 Teen Choice Awards. It feels like a mix of Mean Girls and Sex & The City, set in the early 2000s where tiny flip phones and puffy hair were the latest fashion statement. Although going to fancy balls in Manhattan and attending luncheons with the elite was not part of my teenage years, I love getting lost in the world of Gossip Girl and hopefully soon, all will be revealed. XOXO



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