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Prehistoric poo among topics of Palloures archaeological symposium

palloures students and staf at the excavation 2023 2
Palloures students and staff at the excavation in 2023

Prehistoric poo is set to be among the topics to be discussed at the Palloures excavation winter symposium.

The (faecal) matter will, among other subjects, be discussed at the online symposium on Thursday, which is set to detail the results of research at the Palloures archaeological site, located in Chlorakas.

The talk on prehistoric poo, scientifically known as coprolites, will be conducted by Victor Klinkenberg of the University of Cyprus.

He will speak about the wealth of information about the diet and health of the person or animal who deposited it.

There will also be a discussion led by project director Bleda During of Leiden University about the symbolism of the typical cruciform figurines from the chalcolithic period.

Maria Hadjigavriel, also of Leiden University, will then speak about how microscopic analysis of sherds of pottery can reveal where and how the jars were produced, and how this has revealed a wide regional network of artefact exchange.

Kyriaky Tsirtsi and Evi Margaritis of the Cyprus Institute will then present the results of botanical research at Palloures, and how the results of analyses of charred seeds, phytoliths, and starches from soil samples and artefacts can allow researchers to learn about the prehistoric natural environment.

Archaeologists have been working at the chalcolithic site of Palloures since 2015. The project revealed that Palloures was the site of a large settlement around 5,000 years ago.

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The symposium will be livestreamed on youtube


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