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Adsterra: An integral part of Cyprus’ tech ecosystem


As the Chief Marketing Officer at Adsterra, Gala Grigoreva’s role involves overseeing branding and marketing from every angle and driving product growth by fostering continuous connections between the market and our offerings, shaping them for the future

“With over 15 years of marketing experience, I have spent the last nine years dedicated to the IT sector and people management, and the past four specifically in AdTech, particularly with Adsterra, a leading global AdTech company headquartered in Cyprus.”

Adsterra focuses on delivering advanced solutions for user acquisition and traffic monetisation, underpinned by its distinctive Partner Care approach. “Our journey began ten years ago when a group of friends, professionals in affiliate marketing and web development shared a common vision,” Grigoreva said. “They aimed to overcome the challenges presented by existing technologies and eliminate entry barriers into affiliate marketing while providing sustainable outcomes for aspiring individuals.”

Since then, Adsterra’s reputation has extended across brands, apps, media agencies, CPA and ad networks, affiliate marketers, start-up founders, and web and social traffic owners. “We’ve grown into a team of over 300 people, yet our core values – teamwork, commitment, consistency, and quality – remain unchanged,” she added.

“Our vision is to become the world’s most preferred niche ad network, as evident in the outstanding volume of brand mentions and requests on search engines. Our mission is deeply rooted in connecting advertisers and publishers from every corner of the globe. We strive to empower them to grow their capital, enhance their skills, and thrive as professionals. Adsterra contributes to the development of the AdTech market by introducing innovative products and sharing expertise with the community.”

As a leading online ad network, what tools have you created for your clients to achieve high performance ad campaigns and generate traffic to their sites?
“With worldwide traffic from direct publishers, some providing exclusive placements, Adsterra’s advanced yet easy-to-use self-serve platform offers top-converting ad formats, including our proprietary dynamic and customisable Social Bar ads. Our clients benefit from a variety of pricing models and payment options, fast moderation, and beginner-friendly policies. Adsterra stands out with high traffic volumes, facilitated by a three-level anti-fraud system.

“Our commitment to innovation is evident through tools like Smart Link, Custom Bidding, Smart CPM, CPA Goal, and RTB media buying, providing clients with the means to optimise their campaigns effectively. Both publishers and advertisers may enjoy working via API. Our Partner Care programme, which includes an in-house training initiative, ensures that our partners are well-equipped to maximise our platform and experience continuous growth. Adsterra’s slogan is ‘Your Growth Area’, as it serves as a source of knowledge and revenue for thousands of people, whether clients or employees.”

How important is customer centricity, especially in the digital era?
“In the digital era, particularly within the advertising network landscape, Adsterra places paramount importance on customer centricity. Rooted in a user-centric approach, our Partner Care programme exemplifies our commitment to prioritising customer needs and delivering a platform tailored to their unique requirements.

“Recognising the pivotal role of user experience optimisation in digital advertising, Adsterra actively engages with advertisers and publishers to create technologically advanced and intuitively designed interfaces. Our commitment extends to tailoring solutions, including personalised ad targeting options and flexible campaign settings, ensuring a positive and seamless experience. Responsive customer support further enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

What are the benefits offered by Adsterra to advertisers?
“With traffic sourced from over 50,000 direct publishers globally, our platform guarantees access to a vast and authentic audience. Advertisers can select from popular ad formats. The journey to profitability is guided by chosen offers and fortified by a rigorous three-level anti-fraud system.

“The platform’s accessibility is underscored by a modest minimum deposit of just $100, accompanied by a diverse array of payment methods. Our payment models (CPM, CPC, CPA) cater to various advertising objectives. Advertisers wield control through 20+ filter targeting options, aided by tools like Traffic Estimator and Traffic Chart for meticulous campaign planning. Cost efficiency is maximised with Custom Bid and Smart CPM, strategically adjusting bids for optimal performance, while CPA Goal ensures goal attainment.”

What are the benefits offered by Adsterra to publishers?
“For publishers we ensure a swift and seamless start with a one minute moderation process, allowing publishers to dive into action promptly. Access to an extensive pool of exclusive advertisers guarantees a 100 per cent fill rate and a stable CPM rate for their traffic. Our platform offers flexible settings to filter campaigns and a variety of ad formats to cater to unique needs.

“Automated payouts twice a month, starting from $5, along with various payment methods such as cards, PayPal, local banks, and digital currencies, ensure a smooth financial journey. Our three-level anti-fraud system ensures a malware-free environment, while transparent real-time stats empower publishers with valuable insights.”

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How does the Adsterra CPA Affiliate Network function, and what additional features do you offer your clients as part of this network?
“Adsterra’s CPA Network operates as a versatile platform catering to multi-vertical affiliate marketing. What distinguishes our network is the curated selection of 100+ trending CPA offers, known for their conversion prowess. Partners benefit from 100 per cent guaranteed payouts twice a month, with tailored options available for trusted affiliates, including weekly and on-demand payouts.”

What other tools do you offer your clients to guide them through their journey with Adsterra?
“Adsterra has implemented a variety of tools and educational resources to facilitate clients’ journeys on the platform. These resources include video and product onboarding tours, providing a seamless introduction to the platform. Free crash courses are available to impart essential knowledge on traffic growth and affiliate marketing. The comprehensive blog features guides and tutorials covering industry trends, case studies, and best practices.

“In addition, Adsterra maintains a dedicated YouTube channel for visual content and community forums to foster client interaction. The organisation of webinars and live presentations at multiple affiliate marketing conferences allows for direct engagement with experts.”

Do you believe Cyprus provides a nurturing environment for innovation companies and startups? If so, what are the benefits? Are there any areas that need improvement?
“Cyprus, with competitive tax incentives and a supportive ecosystem, attracts innovation companies and startups. It offers strategic advantages, including access to funding and a skilled, English-proficient workforce, enhancing its appeal. Despite its strengths, challenges such as improving access to capital, streamlining regulatory processes, and addressing insufficient diversity exist. Initiatives such as Women in Tech Cyprus, supported by Adsterra, contribute positively. To boost attractiveness, increased international visibility, a diversified industry focus, and improved social infrastructure are crucial for Cyprus in supporting startup ecosystem growth.”

What are Adsterra’s plans for 2024?
“In 2024, Adsterra will be focused on evolving its platform, emphasizing customisation, expanding traffic sources, and introducing new features for both advertisers and publishers.

“Platform improvements encompass AI-based optimisation tools, enhanced targeting settings, reduced campaign moderation times, and API enhancements for advertisers. Publishers can anticipate lower minimum payouts and new withdrawal options. Adsterra aims to fortify global partnerships through active participation in industry events and the presence of local representatives. The company’s dedication to educational content creation, localisation, and CSR initiatives remains steadfast.”

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