The electricity cable connecting the north and Turkey will be ready within five years, the north’s ‘prime minister’ Unal Ustel said on Wednesday.

Speaking to ‘parliament’ as discussions regarding the north’s ‘state’ budget continue, Ustel described the project to build the cable as “the project of the century”, and added that he hopes works will begin in 2024.

The promise of the beginning of work on the cable next year comes after a 2023 which Ustel described as “a year in which revolutionary projects have been implemented”.

The main infrastructure project which took place in the north this year was the opening of the new terminal at the Ercan (Tymbou) airport, which Ustel said “had been postponed for years”.

Work on the new terminal had initially begun in 2013, but had been delayed on numerous occasions throughout the last 10 years due to financial difficulties faced by construction and holding companies.

Ustel also spoke about local government reform as another one of the revolutionary projects which had taken place, following the reduction in the number of municipalities in the north from 28 to 18 following the municipal elections in December last year.

Looking ahead to next year, he said “2024 will be a year when young people will easily become homeowners”, referring to forthcoming social housing projects set to spring up across the north.

He added that he hopes projects to build new ring roads in northern Nicosia and Kyrenia will also be completed, with the aim of reducing traffic congestion.

Discussions regarding the north’s ‘state’ budget are ongoing in ‘parliament’.