Members of the Isotita trade union will hold a demonstration on Monday outside the House of Representatives as discussion begins inside on the state budget for 2024.

The demonstration will begin at 3.30pm.

The union said its aim is “to protest the exclusion of low-paid government workers on the A1 scale from the arrangement for accelerated promotion,” which it said “constitutes a flagrant violation of their labour and human rights.

“We call on the Legislative Assembly, to ensure the fundamental rights guaranteed in the Constitution, to exert appropriate pressure on the government to bring about appropriate changes in the state budget, so as to remove the injustice against the lowest paid colleagues,” it said.

Isotita called for all members to join in the protest so those in the House are aware of the magnitude of the injustice.

Several demonstrations have been held over recent days about low paid civil servants although an agreement was reached for those on A2 scales, leaving the A1 employees without an agreement.

Discussion of the state budget will begin on Monday with statements by the party leaders. This will be followed on Tuesday and Wednesday by two days of discussions before a vote is taken on the budget on Wednesday night.