While Chainlink (LINK) Automation went live on Base, Polkadot (DOT) saw a surge in growth rate. Amidst market volatility, LINK faced a downturn, whereas DOT experienced a resurgence.

Yet, market enthusiasts are optimistic about the new DeFi project, Borroe Finance ($ROE), which offers a mouth-watering prospect of returns. Let’s find out more about the top DeFi coins.


Chainlink automation went live officially

On January 23, 2024, Chainlink Automation was officially live on Base. With this integration, Base developers can leverage advanced Chainlink services, including CCIP, and offload compute-heavy tasks to the Chainlink Network.

Despite this, Chainlink has faced a downturn in the overall market sentiment. LINK stood at $14.95 on January 23. Following the announcement, the LINK price got isolated, consolidating between $13.50 and $14.85. As of January 23, LINK was trading at $14.60, representing a 2.27% dip between the time frames.

Likewise, Chainlink’s technical analysis reveals that LINK has maintained a parallel channel for a long time. Nevertheless, LINK has been holding its ground, finding support at $14.20. But LINK’s ADX showed a bearish divergence.

Yet, experts anticipate that LINK could experience another pullback. If Chainlink gains momentum, LINK might rally past the $17.10 mark. However, investors are flocking to $ROE as one of the top altcoins to invest in amidst market volatility.

Polkadot growth rate surged: What’s behind?

Polkadot Insider’s tweet on January 26, 2024, reveals that Polkadot saw an incredible 27.7% incentive growth rate in seven days. In fact, DOT ranked number one on the list of blockchains, leaving RON and MINA behind. Not only that, but Polkadot’s daily active addresses also surged during that time frame, inspiring optimism among Polkadot’s community.

With these positive on-chain metrics, DOT has paved the path to resurgence. DOT has been doing its best to bounce back after a significant setback. On January 26, DOT stood at $6.40. Since then, DOT has gained momentum, forming green candles. As of January 29, DOT surged to $6.95, a 9.40% jump. This has fueled confidence among Polkadot’s investors.

Yet, Polkadot’s RSI has sharply fallen. Moreover, the DOT’s averages revealed a bearish convergence, prompting a bearish pressure. Experts say if bears gain power, DOT might soon test its support level at $6.80. If Polkadot bears continue to dominate, DOT might plummet more to $6.05.

Borroe Finance is the roadmap to lucrative opportunity

As a trailblazing force for revolutionizing Web3 financing, Borroe Finance has established itself as a top-notch DeFi project in the DeFi crypto list. Borroe Finance has impressively entered the realm of Web3 through its AI-driven NFT funding marketplace.

More precisely, Borroe Finance helps creators and Web3 players mint their future earnings or invoices as trending NFTs. Later, those NFTs are sold at a discounted rate in Borroe Finance’s peer-to-peer platform

Not only that, Borroe Finance makes exceptional use of cutting-edge technologies in its platform. Moreover, Borroe Finance deploys AI, smart contracts, NFT, and blockchain technology to enhance transparent and risk-free operations.

For this reason, Borroe Finance’s governance token, $ROE, has become one of the most incredible viral token launches. Borroe Finance has already sold more than 228 million $ROE tokens.

Currently, $ROE is being sold at $0.019 at Stage 4. This $ROE’s price has already seen a 90% jump from its Beta Stage. Looking for a lucrative journey? Hop in $ROE now and get 110.5% ROI. Experts say $ROE will skyrocket once it gets listed on DEX (decentralized exchange).

Learn more about Borroe Finance ($ROE) here:

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