SARA DOUEDARI looks at six of the best wellness experiences in Cyprus

Colder temperatures mean we are all looking for some comfort, and what better place to find it than in a wellness retreat? With a history rooted in various cultures, Cyprus’ natural resources, including healing baths and thermal springs in ancient cities, have attracted seekers of physical and spiritual rejuvenation for centuries.

Nowadays, in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it can be challenging to set aside time for a full-scale retreat but Cyprus’ spas offer thermal pools, invigorating water jets, and comfortable loungers beckon amid the beauty of nature.

Embracing the winter charm of Cyprus, these retreats go beyond the typical spa experience.

feature2 aphrodite hillsAphrodite Hills: A tranquil oasis by the sea

Nestled on the coastline in the Paphos area, Aphrodite Hills is a centrepiece of tranquillity and luxury offering a great range of wellness treatments for body and soul. Drawing from the rich legacy of Greco-Roman bathing practices, the retreat offers a menu of treatments including expert reflexology, diverse massage therapies, and the comprehensive hammam ritual. In addition to its spa services, Aphrodite Hills boasts an 18-hole championship golf course, providing a challenging landscape for golf enthusiasts. Nature paths and biking trails invite exploration of the surrounding beauty, while a variety of water sports offers excitement for the adventurous.

For more information: Aphrodite Hills

feature2 amaraThe Amara Spa: Timeless relaxation

The spa is not just a place of modern luxury but also a site of historical significance, with parts of Limassol’s ancient city walls integrated into its heart. Amara Spa, named for the Greek for ‘everlasting,’ continues the celestial tradition first inspired by the tales of Aphrodite’s rejuvenation in Cyprus. Here, a range of treatments, such as saunas, thermal areas, hair services, a nail bar, an ice fountain, sun terraces and an outdoor seawater infinity pool, offer a slice of paradise, all with a view of the Mediterranean Sea. The Cyprus Ancient Ritual Signature Treatment is a highlight, incorporating indigenous ingredients such as organic olive oil, crushed carob seeds, and warm grapefruit halves for a gentle exfoliation that revitalises the skin. A Day Pass grants full access to all amenities.

For more information and reservations: Amara Spa

feature2 anassaAnassa Hotel: A holistic approach

In a tranquil hillside just five minutes’ drive from Latchi, the Anassa Hotel offers breathtaking sea views and a variety of wellness and leisure opportunities in a beautiful, rural setting. The Thalassa Spa at the Anassa Hotel leverages the healing properties of the sea. The spa, renowned for its use of thalassotherapy, sources its seawater directly from the crystal-clear shores of Chrysochou Bay, ensuring an authentic and natural experience. The treatments range from spray massages, algae body wraps to more intensive 10-day detox programmes focusing on the use of entirely natural products. The spa’s design incorporates elements of Roman architecture, featuring an indoor pool with skylights, 18 treatment rooms, saunas, steam baths and a saltwater exercise pool. Additionally, the spa offers activities such as squash, fitness, yoga classes, and a menu of healthy cuisine options.

For more information and reservations: Thalassa Spa

feature2 hiltonHilton Nicosia: A journey of the senses

Hilton Nicosia is ideally situated in the heart of Nicosia. At its Aegeo Spa, a journey of rejuvenation unfolds. The experience comprises a variety of services, set in luxurious cabins, emphasising a personal approach to wellness. Whether alone or with companions, each visit is uniquely crafted to match the guest’s lifestyle and mood. Enhanced by calming aromas and soothing sounds, under the care of professional therapists, the service menu reflects a rich Greek heritage. It offers wellness treatments that blend love and relaxation, allowing guests to escape the hustle and bustle of the capital.

For more information and reservations: Hilton Nicosia

feature2 parklane1Parklane Resort & Spa: A lifestyle experience

Located near Limassol Marina, Parklane positions itself as more than just a holiday destination. It aims to offer a comprehensive experience of the Cypriot lifestyle, combining luxury with cultural immersion. The centrepiece of the resort is the Kalloni Spa, spanning 3,000m². The spa focuses on holistic wellness, offering treatments aimed at balancing body, mind and spirit. The treatments are designed to be effective and results-driven, catering to a variety of wellness needs. Guests at the spa can expect a range of services, from relaxation techniques to more intensive therapies. The resort encourages guests not only to relax but to explore the surrounding area.

For more information and reservations: Kalloni Spa

feature2 cap2Cap St Georges Hotel & Resort: Wellness at its best

Surrounded by well-manicured gardens and ancient olive trees, the resort’s design reflects the rich culture and landscape of Cyprus through its architecture. With its panoramic views of the Mediterranean, Cap St Georges encapsulates the essence of luxury hospitality. A 130-metre beach, three outdoor swimming pools, and a heated indoor pool provide ample opportunities for water-based relaxation and activities. Wellness enthusiasts enjoy the Cleopatra Spa, occupying 2,585m² on the ground floor of the resort, equipped with high-end amenities. These include a spacious indoor pool, a hydrotherapy whirlpool, cold plunge pools and expansive lounge spaces. Guests can also relax in thermal saunas, steam rooms and enjoy aromatherapy experience showers. The spa features a total of eight treatment rooms, two private VIP suites, and signature Rasoul mud treatment chambers.

For more information and reservations: Cleopatra Spa