An appeals court on Monday upheld a prior judgement by a district court ruling on the extradition of a wanted German national.

The case concerns Reinwald Karl Heinz, against whom German authorities had issued a European Arrest Warrant (EAW) in November 2023. He is wanted on charges of fraud and embezzlement, the alleged offences having been committed in Altdorf, Germany.

Heinz was arrested in Cyprus on December 6, 2023 on the strength of the EAW. Upon his arrest, police advised him of his rights and the fact he was being arrested due to the EAW against him – to which he responded “Yes I know.”

On December 7, 2023, Heinz appeared before Paphos district court. Having objected to his extradition, hearings were subsequently held. On January 8 this year the district court ruled that the EAW was valid and that the man was subject to extradition to Germany.

Two days later, Heinz appealed the decision, citing five grounds of appeal. The case went to the appeals court.

In its decision on Monday, the appeals court agreed with the prior ruling of Paphos district court. It rejected all five grounds of appeal put forth by Heinz.

The appeals court also instructed that its decision be notified to the appropriate German authorities.