A series of free, guided cultural walks in downtown Nicosia is taking place this spring sharing the fascinating history, tales and stories behind its iconic buildings, neighbourhoods and heritage. The walks are mostly in Greek although some are available in English.

The cultural walks are part of the European project HUB-IN, with the Municipality of Nicosia and the Cyprus Energy Office participating as project partners. They take place every Saturday and feature 10 different walks available for a limited number of participants. They will continue until the end of June, sharing insights into Nicosia’s traditional shops, cultural spaces and historical monuments. Some are even child-friendly and specifically for English speakers.

The My Nicosia – From its multicultural past to its intercultural future tour, led by Marios Antoniou explores the island’s history and the cultural influences it has received from all the people who have lived here. Its main goal is to provide an opportunity to engage with the communities that lived in, but also those living in walled Nicosia today, to reconsider the relationships between people and to promote the idea of interculturality in a way of life.

The Get to Know the City – The Timelessness of Education walk by Friends of Nicosia is an educational walk aimed at discovering Nicosia through the lens of education and science and the various centres and schools active today.

An interactive walk for children and adults will also take place led by the Cyprus Tourist Guides Association. The Water, Wealth, Prayer: Three Centuries Ago tour focuses on water and wealth topics that united or divided inhabitants, while the two religions coexisted peacefully and with respect.

The In the Steps of the Coffeehouse focuses on the traditional coffeeshops of the old town and the role of coffee in Cypriot society. The People of Cyprus team will lead participants on a tasting journey of the history of coffee, the stories of the shops, listening to the café owners and waiters narrating the lives they observe.

The Kings and Queens of Cyprus Come to Life in the Heart of Medieval Nicosia is a walk for the whole family that features live actors. Famous historical royal families will come to life in different corners of town. Also happening is the Get to Know the City – Transformations from the Middle Ages to Today walk which highlights Nicosia’s medieval character from its Lusignan, Venetian and Ottoman past to the British rule.

The Revival of Nicosia tour walks through the oldest neighborhood of Nicosia, in the area of Chrysaliniotissa and Ayios Kassianos, showing how this area has changed over the centuries, from the time when the Pedieos River passed through it, to the efforts to revive the area within the framework of the Nicosia Unified Regulatory Plan.

Those interested in tracing the cultural and environmental richness of the walled city can attend the Heritage and Society walks, led by Kostas Mavrokordatos and Maria Mavrou. Finally, the Walk for Stage and Screen will follow a route within and outside the walls that are related to personalities, spaces or spots of the emergence and evolution of Cypriot theatre and the spread of cinema in the city.

The exact dates and times of each walk, as well as their availability, can be found online and on the Facebook page of Nicosia municipality.


Free Cultural Walks in Walled Nicosia

Themed, guided walks. Every Saturday in until June. Numerous times and locations. Free. In Greek (English upon request). Registrations at https://shorturl.at/aEJL0 or through form at each event on Facebook via Nicosia Municipality. Contact: [email protected]