The Larnaca municipality on Tuesday called on the police to take the necessary measures to identify the culprits behind graffiti found on buildings and trees in the city centre on Sunday.

According to the municipality, “irresponsible people have used spray paint to deface public and private buildings, shop windows, flowerbeds and palm tree trunks on the coastal front of Finikoudes, as well as in the centre”.

The graffiti was not of racist nature, as it mostly related to football teams.

“The municipality of Larnaca condemns the reckless graffiti in the city centre, as such unacceptable and malicious actions create feelings of anger and resentment,” it said.

It added that, in recent weeks, the municipality has undertaken a campaign to combat visual pollution and remove graffiti and other markings through a specialised team.

“Obviously, some not only do not appreciate the efforts made by the municipality to keep our city clean but continue to destroy public and private property.

“Once again, we call on the police to take the necessary law enforcement measures, carry out all necessary procedures and implement measures to combat such phenomena,” the municipality concluded.