Police on Tuesday announced two further arrests in the case of an attack on a construction site and resident workers which took place on Friday evening.

Four people are now being held in conjunction with the incident, with three having been arrested on Sunday but one having been subsequently released.

The four arrested are aged 27, 25, 23, and 21 years old respectively, while police are still searching for a fifth man, aged 22, in connection with the incident.

The incident began at around 8pm on Friday when three employees of the site’s construction company who live on site heard loud noises.

The workers said they saw two people coming down the stairs of the under-construction building towards its ground floor, and managed to stop one, while the other ran away “and disappeared”.

At the same time, four people in a car approached the construction site and attacked the workers, managing at the same time to free the man who had been held up by the workers.

The workers then called the police, and one worker was taken by ambulance to hospital with bruises on his face and lips. He was subsequently discharged.

The other two workers said they did not wish to see a doctor, despite having sustained “visible injuries”.

Police on Saturday said an under-construction on the first floor of the building had been vandalised but have not yet been able to determine the cost of the vandalism so far.

They added that evidence has emerged against the four who are now wanted, and that one is allegedly owed €900 by the construction company.