UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has some thoughts that could pave the way for the resumption of Cyprus talks, President Nikos Christodoulides said on Monday.

He said: “Our response to them [Guterres’ thoughts] was positive and we expect to see the response of the Turkish side.”

In statements to the press, following a church service in Nicosia for Greek Independence Day, the President said that he had a very good meeting with the UN Secretary – General in Brussels recently and that the next period will give us indications as to whether we are close to the goal of the resumption of the peace talks.

He said that Guterres has “some thoughts and ideas which we support and we expect to see the response of the Turkish side to these thoughts”, pointing out that he believes these thoughts can pave the way for the resumption of the negotiations.

The president added that this will at the same time affect other developments in relation to Euro-Turkish issues.

He said: “Our approach to this specific issue is known.”

The president said that he discussed with the German Chancellor and the French President.

Christodoulides went on to say that “we believe that Turkey’s relations with the EU, the full range of Euro-Turkish relations, taking into account Turkey’s desire to strengthen these relations, could lead, through a gradual approach, in positive developments”.

He added that determination and patience are needed and “we are working in this direction”.

Replying to a question whether Guterres will do something personally, or if he will call the two leaders in Cyprus to a meeting, the president said that the secretary-general has already taken actions himself personally and through his personal envoy but noted that he does not wish to share his ideas publicly.

He expressed his hope that there will be a result through the UNSG’s effort.

He noted that he considers it important that there is a personal interest from the secretary-general himself and that the Cyprus issue was also discussed during Guterres’ meetings with the head of the European Council.

The president added that his response was positive when he was presented with these ideas and thoughts, by Guterres, noting that he supports his ideas and hopes that the Turkish side will respond positively as well.

In relation to the “Amalthea” initiative aiming at providing aid to civilians in Gaza via a maritime corridor from Cyprus, he said that the effort and consultations on this continue and that there is great interest from the EU and from many countries.

The president also referred to the presence of 36 countries at a recent meeting of senior officials on this issue in Larnaca, stressing that “we continue to implement and strengthen this initiative.”

Replying to another question about some remarks by the Archbishop of Cyprus Georgios in his speech earlier, “he emphasized that our goal and all our actions are in coordination with the Greek government”.

He said that there is complete cooperation that led to the appointment, by the the UN Secretary General, of his Personal Envoy on Cyprus. He also noted that the less we discuss in pubic about security and defence issues, the better. He referred to the message of the Greek struggle for independence, especially for us Cypriots as this year marks 50 years of the Turkish invasion and occupation.

The president noted that “we have a clear goal and this goal is common, despite what is said in public statements”.