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TV shows we love: Berlin

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By Alexandra Shkuratova

In the spin off show Berlin, the Netflix series that follows the iconic character from Money Heist, viewers are taken on a journey into Berlin’s past before the famous heist. Pedro Alonso shines once more as Berlin, exuding confidence and charisma in his performance throughout the series.

Tristán Ulloa and Michelle Jenner also leave a lasting impact with their portrayals of heist team members Damián and Keila. The show maintains a similar heist-focused template as its predecessor but with a slower pace and a touch of romance.

The series kicks off with Berlin’s third wife leaving him, leading to the formation of a team for a meticulously planned heist. As the story progresses, viewers witness the twisted dynamics between the characters, love affairs, and the risks they take to achieve their goals. Despite not reaching the same intensity as Money Heist, Berlin captivates with its well-written characters and engaging locations.

Berlin, like its main series, has weak writing and questionable story decisions. It values flashy scenes over sense, leading to some quite unbelievable moments. Characters and key elements vanish without reason, and the plot relies too much on lucky breaks. The heist’s complexity is downplayed in favour of romantic subplots, diluting the main focus. Despite flashbacks suggesting detailed planning, the series lacks execution. As it was not widely well received, a second season seems unlikely.

For fans of the original series, Berlin offers a fresh perspective on a beloved character, showcasing a different side before the onset of his terminal illness. While the show may not break new ground in the heist genre, Alonso’s charm and the character-driven storytelling make it a compelling watch.

If you’re looking for a series that balances action, drama and romance, Berlin is worth exploring, providing a deeper understanding of one of the most enigmatic as well as problematic characters from Money Heist.

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