Believe it or not, I started watching this show on cable TV, whenever it was on. Figuring out which day of the week it was on and at what time was tricky and I forgot what it was like not to stream a show so I left it behind. Fast forward a few months and Killing Eve is now on Netflix, welcoming me when I open the platform.

Sandra Oh in the role of Eve first drew me to the TV series, an actress many got to love through her role in Grey’s Anatomy. In this show, she teams up with Jodie Comer, who plays Villanelle, a love-to-hate and hate-to-love assassin for the world’s biggest masterminds who seem to control politics, public life and everything around it.

When Eve is hired on a whim by an intelligence agency as a British spy to investigate who is behind a series of killings, she enters into a playful chase with the assassin. Over time the two women, seemingly on opposite sides of the coin, develop a strange kind of relationship, one obsessed with the other.

The show takes us all over Europe and the world as we follow murder orders from a mysterious organisation Villanelle has to execute. Comer is phenomenal as Villanelle switching between dozens of accents, languages and moods. Her character is quite erratic, impulsive, charming, manipulative and totally fun to watch on screen but certainly not someone you’d want to have close in real life. As colourful as Villanelle is she is destructive. Yet again, so is Eve in some ways.

Fiona Shaw plays the head of the Russia Section at MI6 and is also brilliant in portraying a cold and incredibly intelligent agent. It seems that every character, on whichever side of the game they are – whether organising some of the globe’s biggest crimes or trying to prevent them – is equally battling between corruption and justice. Sometimes it is a matter of perspective.

Worldwide, viewers love Killing Eve as well. The show won 43 Emmy awards and received 169 nominations. What I found truly enjoyable in Killing Eve is witnessing so many great leading female actors on the screen being absolutely brilliant at what they do.