After the localised thin layer of fog lifts on Thursday morning, intermittent clouds are expected to come and go across the island, while isolated rains and even the odd isolated storm is forecast for the afternoon.

Rain and storms are most likely to hit the mountains, the southern and eastern coasts, and inland regions, with hailstones possible during the worst storms.

Temperatures will rise to 26 degrees Celsius inland, 24 degrees Celsius on the coasts, and 17 degrees Celsius in the mountains.

Cloudy weather overhead will remain overnight, with light mist and fog expected to form.

Temperatures will drop to 12 degrees Celsius in land, 14 degrees Celsius on the southeast and south coasts, 13 degrees Celsius on the rest of the coasts, and eight degrees Celsius in the mountains.

Cloud over will persist through Friday and the weekend, with thin fog expected to form in parts, and isolated rains and even storms possible during the afternoon hours.

Temperatures are expected to gradually rise throughout the rest of the week.