The federation of Cyprus patients’ associations (Osak) on Thursday reaffirmed its committed to defending the rights of all patients and pledged to continue its “unwavering advocacy” to implement the Patients’ Rights Charter.

“However, regrettably, we have observed the patients’ rights are often violated in many cases in our country,” the association said in a statement released on European Patients’ Rights Day.

The day serves as a reminder to countries and relevant authorities in Europe of the need to take initiatives and to plan and implement actions aimed at enhancing, improving, and fully implementing patients’ rights.

“Patients have rights that must be protected and respected. These include, among others, the right to information about their health, the right to participate in decisions concerning them, and the right to quality health care,” the statement added.

Individuals enjoy the numerous benefits brought about by Gesy which has positively impacted the lives of all, the statement said.

Osak stressed its support for all patients in Cyprus, adding that it “tirelessly strives and fights, both on the frontline and behind the scenes, to ensure that no one is deprived of what they need for their health.”