Ten people were found working illegally and arrested in Larnaca on Monday, with three more discovered in the Famagusta district later in the day, as part of coordinated police efforts tackling undeclared work.

According to a police statement, a coordinated operation, carried out in collaboration with labour ministry inspectors, “saw the arrest of ten individuals found to be working illegally.”

Further examinations revealed that one of the ten people arrested presented documents belonging to another person, resulting in him also being charged for identity fraud.

“Additionally, inspections found violations for undeclared work, leading to administrative fines being issued to the two employers,” the statement said.

Moreover, three people were also arrested for working illegally in the Famagusta district, after a related check conducted in the afternoon.

The three were taken to the Ayia Napa police station, where they were formally charged in writing and released. Their employer was also brought to the station and similarly charged in writing.