The government on Tuesday announced it had simplified the criteria for Greek Cypriots and Maronites wishing to resettle in villages in the north.

The criteria cover the villages of Rizokarpaso and Ayia Triada, which are still inhabited by Greek Cypriots, and Karpasha and Kormakitis, which are still inhabited by Maronites.

As of Tuesday, the right to resettle in those villages will also be granted to families of whom one of the two spouses are from one of those four villages.

The government said this allowance has been given due to the fact that there are examples of couples who “for unsurmountable reasons” cannot both live in the north.

Meanwhile, the number of mandatory overnight stays per week in resettled villages remains at a minimum of four, but those nights are no longer required to be consecutive, and can be either on weekends or weekdays.

In addition, the €240 allowance given to single people living in resettled villages has now been extended to couples over the age of 75.

Social Welfare Deputy Minister Marilena Evangelou said the changes “facilitate professional and family relations and obligations in the Republic, especially for resettled people who have children who attend schools in the Republic.”

A total of 259 resettled people live in the north.