The significant contribution of sports tourism to the tourism economy of the country is confirmed, Deputy Tourism Minister Kostas Koumis told CNA on Wednesday, explaining that this year there is a record number of participants in the Ayia Napa football tournament.

In a statement to CNA, Koumis, who attended the McDonald’s Ayia Napa Youth Soccer Festival 2024, said that “sports tourism is the market segment with the biggest growth in the global tourism economy.”

He added that “our intention and goal as deputy tourism ministry is to further strengthen sports tourism, which is again proving to be a form of tourism that can grow even more in our country and contribute significantly to the extension of the tourist season.”

In this case, he continued, “it is with great satisfaction that we see the Ayia Napa Soccer Tournament growing, with an increasing contribution to the tourism economy. At a time not among the peak periods for tourism in our country, it has caused a surge in domestic tourism and also contributes to arrivals from other countries.”

According to Koumis, “it is indicative that 66 teams from 8 foreign countries are participating in this year’s event, which is equivalent to more than a thousand children from abroad, many of whom are accompanied by their parents.”

Koumis also noted that “this confirms the great contribution of sports tourism to the tourism economy of our country”.