A ministerial summit on migration and Syria will take place on May 17 aimed at discussing the Cyprus’ goal of having parts of Syria designated as a safe country.

Interior ministry spokeswoman Margarita Kyriacou told CNA on Thursday this was an initiative taken by Cyprus’ government after recent bilateral contacts with Denmark, the Czech Republic and Greece.

Countries that have expressed an interest in re-evaluating parts of Syria as safe have been invited, Kyriacou added.

During the summit, ministers will discuss the external dimension of migration with a particular emphasis on Syria.

They will delve into the details of planning a joint mission on the ground in Syria, which has already been agreed between Cyprus and the Czech Republic during a recent visit by Interior Minister Constantinos Ioannou to the Czech Republic.

The summit will also explore data gathering the possibility of offering Syrian nationals the option of voluntary return to Syria, given that they cannot be deported due to its unsafe status because of the war, now raging for over ten years.

Countries are now expected to confirm their participation, Kyriacou specified.