Accepting Turkey’s conditions to resume talks for the Cyprus problem would be a mistake, Archbishop Georgios said in his Easter message on Saturday.

He sent an “anguished appeal to the government of the motherland“, calling on Greece to listen to Cyprus’ voice “while it is still time.”

“Turkey does not seek dialogue. It seeks to impose its unacceptable positions on our side,” the archbishop’s message read out in all churches said.

“It is our duty to defend our honor and national dignity and to regain the freedom of our country.”

The archbishop added that “the joy of the resurrection is heavily overshadowed, this year, by the sad anniversary of the 50-year anniversary of Turkey’s invasion of Cyprus and the continuing suffering of the occupation, as well as the grim prospects of our national issue.”

He called on the public not to be complacent in the face of the ongoing occupation, strengthen Cyprus’ defence and fight for human rights.

Joint action between Greece and Cyprus on all fronts “to promote our national issue” is a necessary condition, the archbishop underlined.

In his speech, he noted “particular concern about the recent decision at the Council of Europe on Kosovo, which was taken with a Greek recommendation.”

“Our fears are heightened about the verification of rumours that Greece accepted Turkey’s recommendation that the Cyprus problem should not affect the development of relations between them.”