The heightened levels of dust in the atmosphere are forecast to subside on Saturday.

Meanwhile, locally increased clouds will be seen sporadically throughout the day, with temperatures set to be cooler than on Friday, rising to a high of 26 degrees Celsius inland and on the coasts and 16 degrees Celsius in the mountains.

Winds will be strong on the south coast, up to a maximum of six on the Beaufort scale.

Overnight, low cloud cover will increase, while there may even be thin fog in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Temperatures will drop to 13 degrees Celsius inland, 14 degrees Celsius on the coasts, and eight degrees in the mountains.

Partial cloud cover will persist through Sunday and Monday, with the possibility of sporadic showers and isolated thunderstorms during the afternoon hours.

Rain and storms are also possible on Tuesday, though temperatures are expected to rise.