Cyprus’ capital city Nicosia is in the top five cities in Europe for coffee lovers, according to a study carried out by online shopping website Ubuy.

Nicosia was ranked as the fifth-best city for coffee lovers in the continent, with the survey taking into account the number of cafes, the number of cafes per 100,000 inhabitants, the average price of a coffee, sunshine hours between June and August, and rainfall between June and August.

Nicosia had the most hours of sunshine and the least amount of rainfall over the summer months of any city ranked inside the top 10, with Ubuy also counting a total of 61 cafes in the city – 30 per 100,000 inhabitants.

They said this combination “makes Nicosia a great place to discover for coffee lovers”.

Greece’s capital city Athens was top of the ranking, with Portugal’s capital city Lisbon, Italy’s capital Rome, and Spain’s capital Madrid rounding off the top four.

Possibly surprising inclusions in the top 10 included Andorra’s capital Andorra la Vella and Albania’s capital Tirana, which ranked in seventh and eighth place respectively.

Elsewhere, the United Kingdom’s capital London was ranked in 11th place, Germany’s capital Berlin was ranked in 14th place, and Austria’s capital Vienna was ranked in 18th place.

Nicosia’s inclusion in the upper echelons of the ranking comes just a week after the European Union’s statistical service Eurostat announced that the cost of coffee fell in Cyprus between March 2023 and March 2024.

On average, coffee cost 2.3 per cent less in March this year than it did 12 months prior, with Cyprus being one of 12 EU member states to see its coffee prices fall over the same period.

Despite these decreases, the average price of coffee across the EU rose by one per cent over the same period.

This average growth was fuelled by countries such as Croatia, Romania, and Bulgaria, where coffee prices grew by 7.4 per cent, 6.8 per cent, and 6.6 per cent respectively over the same period.

Despite Cyprus’ coffee prices falling, however, prices are still on average higher than in other parts of Europe.

According to Cypriot statistical service Cystat, the average price of a regular cappuccino is €3.27 – more than in France, Belgium, Germany, or Italy.