By Robert Morgan

Five people were hurt in an accident on the coast road of Geroskipou on Thursday night, Paphos police’s chief of operations Michalis Nikolaou said.

The accident occurred when a 24-year-old driver lost control of his vehicle and smashed into a parked car, hitting four 19-year-old males standing on the road.

The driver later tested positive for drug use.

The car was heading west when the driver drifted off the road and overcorrected to return to it. He then completely lost control, and hit the parked car pushing it into the teenagers and another parked car.

The driver and the victims were taken to Paphos general hospital, where they were found to have suffered no serious injury. They were not immediately released for “preventive reasons”.

Though the driver tested positive for drug use, he was found to have a blood-alcohol level below the legal limit.

Paphos police have opened an investigation into the accident.