Optimism and Arbitum are two of the world’s fastest growing Layer 2 stars. They’ve gained international traction in just a few years, offering fantastic returns for early adopters. But has their growth peaked? With new projects like Rollblock offering potential returns of 720%, experts believe that Optimism and Arbitum now face fierce competition and could lose their appeal. 

Optimism faces bearish pressure

Optimism’s price has increased by 13.97% over the last 13 days. The altcoin has been one of the market’s more stable investments, maintaining its value while many other projects crashed. However, according to recent analysis, Optimism is now facing bearish pressure. 

Optimism has crashed by over 5% this week, despite Bitcoin’s rally to $66,000. Historically, Optimism soars during Bitcoin rallies, though its recent performance has investors questioning whether or not OP could see further declines. 

According to Optimism’s Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator, Optimism could decrease from its current price of $2.53 to $2.20 if bearish momentum continues to build. 

Arbitrum passes 24 million unique addresses

Arbitrum (ARB) has hit another milestone, with the number of unique Arbitrum addresses reaching an all-time high. The project has now passed 24 million unique addresses, making it one of the world’s most popular DeFi projects.

This growth in popularity has helped Arbitrum recover from the recent bearish trends. After dipping below $0.93, Arbitrum is now trading at $1.01, and its daily trading activity has increased to $347 million. 

Should Arbitrum’s momentum continue to build, experts believe the altcoin could hit $1.50 by the end of Q2. Such a dramatic increase would further drive up the demand for Arbitrum, putting it in a strong position for the potential bull market this summer. 

Rollblock could outperform Layer 2 Platforms

Rollblock is the new crypto star. It quickly sold out during the first stage of its presale, and now stage two is selling out at an even faster rate. This GambleFi protocol introduces an innovative DeFi casino to the gambling market, and could revolutionize a $450 billion dollar industry

Rollblock has already launched its casino, which is fully licensed and generating revenue. Using its casino, players can use over 20 different cryptocurrencies to play over 150 different games. Game modes include table games such as blackjack and poker, as well as slots and digital games. Rollblock will also launch sports betting, further diversifying the platform’s betting opportunities. 

One of Rollblock’s standout features is its revenue share model. To incentivize $RBLK ownership, Rollblock will reward token holders with a share of up to 30% of its daily revenue. To do this, Rollblock will buy back $RBLK from the open market, using half of these tokens for rewards. The remaining half will be burned out of circulation, increasing $RBLK scarcity to drive up the price of remaining tokens. 

During stage two of the Rollblock presale $RBLK tokens are selling for just $0.012. Experts predict that returns could pass 720% during the presale alone, which puts early investors in a strong position to make significant gains. 

What’s next For Rollblock?

With its presale gaining international recognition, experts have high expectations of Rollblock. Bullish predictions suggest that Rollblock could disrupt the multi-billion dollar gambling industry, during which its utility token would soar. As a result, many investors are keeping a keen eye on the project. 

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