The hearing seeking to cancel the warrants that have frozen the assets of scandal-hit monks at Osiou Avakoum monastery was postponed again on Thursday at Nicosia district court. 

The Legal Service wants to file its objection to the motion and asked for more time to prepare.

Similarly, lawyers for Tamasos Bishop Isaias, Bank of Cyprus, Hellenic Bank and land registry raised their request for an adjournment as they seek more time.

Assets for both monks have been frozen as part of a warrant against them, which they now seek to cancel.

This includes the contentious €807,000 in cash, which was seized from the monastery on March 5.

Court ordered that any objections be submitted five days before the next hearing, slated for June 28 at 9am.

Lawyer for the monks Adrianna Klaedes highlighted she seeks to submit an additional statement to the court, as more evidence has emerged, linked to more testimonies.

During the next hearing, representatives of Bank of Cyprus, Hellenic Bank and the land registry are expected to submit evidence requested by the defence lawyers aimed at showing the source of the €807,000.

Supporters of the monks were present at the hearing, while the monastery remains closed without any clear indication of when it will reopen.