Tamassos Bishop Isaias threatened on Wednesday to send police to the infamous Osiou Avakoum monastery in Fterikoudes, if monks attempt to return there on June 6, when their suspension ends.

The monks had been suspended by Isaias when the scandal broke in March, and since then it has been rumoured that the bishop would be seeking to extend their suspension.

They were suspended for the money and sex scandal that is being investigated separately both by police and the church.

However, Isaias himself is also being investigated, after the monks’ lawyers filed a complaint that they had been kidnapped from the monastery back in March, when the bishop is reported to have sent hooded officers to collect them.

On Tuesday, Isaias said the monks would be suspended indefinitely extending their suspension, until investigations conclude.

However, on Wednesday the monks’ lawyer Adriana Klaedes said the two would be returning to their posts on June 6, citing that extending their suspension goes against the church charter.

In her statements to the Cyprus News Agency (CNA), she said the move violates the provisions of the church charter.

“We strongly disagree with the extension of the time of the suspension and we have made known to the bishop of Tamassos our positions in writing that the extension violates the sacred rules as well as the provisions and stipulations of the Charter of [the church of] Cyprus,” Klaedes said.

On the monks’ suspension, she stressed that “this was an abusive act by the bishop of Tamassos and we have pointed this out in our letter”.

“Our clients will definitely return to their duties from June 6,” she said.

“The holiday was a predetermined period. The metropolitan had fixed a time of three months for the three, and one month for the one. He had chosen a fixed period of suspension,” she added.

Following Klaedes’ statements, Isaias threatened to send the police to the monastery if the monks attempt to return to their post.

Isaias has already been accused of sending police previously to the monastery, to take the monks.

He had reportedly sent 30 men, 10 of whom were hooded.

“They took their mobile phones, personal documents…and violently forced them into a vehicle,” the lawyers said at the time.