The 27 migrants stuck in the buffer zone in the heat dealing with dizziness, mosquitoes and fainting, the UNHCR said on Tuesday.

Speaking to the Cyprus Mail, UN refugee agency spokeswoman Emilia Strovolidou said these were no conditions for the individuals to keep living in.

The 27 migrants have been refused access to Cyprus’ asylum procedures, and as such have been left stranded in the buffer zone since their arrival.

They reached the buffer zone through the north in two groups, which were found in mid-May and the end of May.

Strovolidou said they are now suffering from dizziness and nausea on a daily basis.

“These people left their countries to find safety and a better life, and now they’re trapped.”

Unficyp has supplied the migrants with food, medical supplies and tents and have setup toilets and showers.

This is not something that can go on indefinitely, Strovolidou added.

European Commission spokeswoman for home affairs Annita Hipper told the New York Times that “the possibility for any person to apply for international protection on a member state’s territory, including at its border or in a transit zone, is established in EU law.”

The government has cited the Green Line regulation for its refusal, which has raised eyebrows in UN circles whose officials have told the Cyprus Mail the government’s handling of the matter violates international law.