Akamas’ attractions are featured in a new tourism campaign to drive local and tourist traffic to the natural and culture treasures of the area.

Paphos’ regional board of tourism is promoting Akamas sites through a campaign, mainly on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, with free entrance to museums and open participation in excursions.

The campaign, carrying on until the end of the year, places emphasis on the promotion of museums and information centres, such as the natural life museum in Droushia, the geology and paleontology centre in Arodes, the avifauna and flora centre in Kathikas and the new turtle museum in Ineia.

Entrance to all museums and centres is free.

The board hopes for locals and tourists to become more familiar with Akamas, which is today mostly known for its national park.

Aphrodite’s baths and the Fontana Amorosa are included in a virtual tour focusing on the myth of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, who according to legend was born in Cyprus.

A new website is being created to host information, while smart boards are being placed at the main attractions.

Every Saturday in June and July visitors can take part in a free-of-charge tour of Akamas.

All material is available in various languages.