The ministry of health’s scientific committee is set to examine the use of a gut drug as part of its protocol for treating coronavirus patients.

Following announcements in Greece and Canada for the use of Colchicine, the ministry of health on Sunday said it will study all the facts and decide whether to use it in treatment on the island.

The Athens News Agency earlier reported that after studying all the information available the Greek ministry of health has decided to include the drug in its fight against Covid.

The drugs is is safe and has been used for several diseases to reduce the inflammatory reaction of the body.

A large Canadian study has shown the drug can reduce mortality by 44 per cent, hospitalisations by 25 per cent and intubation by 50 per cent.

In Greece it will be given to patients over 60 years old and to those younger than that who have an underlying health problem.

It will only be given on prescription and not in combination with a number of other drugs.