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High-flyers: inside Elon Musk’s opulent private jets

Tech billionaire Elon Musk is known to rack up plenty of miles on jets, and recently he’s added another to his arsenal.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO now has access to a second lavish Gulfstream aircraft for jetting between car factories, rocket launch sites and everywhere in between.

Falcon Landing LLC, a shell company with ties to SpaceX’s Hawthorne, California headquarters, recently registered a new Gulfstream G550 jet, pegged at about $14 million, alongside its larger G650, worth $70 million. According to its broker listing, the new jet has space for 17 passengers that can be re-configured into a sleeping configuration.

As for the long-haul G650, it has reportedly set new standards for comfort, functionality and safety for contemporary business jets. It is fitted with Rolls Royce BR725 engines and has a highly efficient thrust reverse system, optimised wing aerodynamics, and shows excellent take-off and landing characteristics both in conditions of high-temperature and high-altitude.

It is said to be the fastest civilian aircraft in the world based on developing the highest speed of 977km/h. The jet also has the ability to climb to the highest altitude of 15,545m and evade zones of turbulence. Equipped with hi-tech cockpit PlaneViewII, the G650 model extends many advanced flight safety features.

When it comes to its interiors it resonates with extra space for the head and legs, more space for kitchen, recreational areas and toilet facilities. The seats are reportedly comfortable and have a larger passage between them.

The feeling of spaciousness is reiterated with the wide armchairs and spacious aisles, and 16 panoramic Gulfstream windows, which are larger than any other business jet. Fliers can enjoy the microclimate with better pressure, which reduces the level of discomfort from the flight and fatigue and also supports excellent well-being.

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