Three DJs and 14 other people were found at a “secret illegal club” in Larnaca on Saturday night, police said.

The patrons of the establishment and the DJs were fined 300 euros each for breaking Covid rules but the owner of the premises will face more serious charges and is due in court either Sunday or Monday.

During the operation, according to police, “it was found that the premises in question operated in secret and in such a way that its operation could not be perceived from the outside”.

“Upon the entry, officers ascertained that it was in operation, since it was transmitting music through loudspeakers and three persons who worked as DJs were identified, while also on the premises were 14 hidden patrons”.

All 17 were charged out-of-court for Covid violations while the person in charge of the premises was booked for operating the premises in violation of Covid decrees, as well as for operating without a hospitality licence, without a licence to sell alcoholic beverages, without a loudspeaker licence and for allowing smoking by patrons.

“Due to the seriousness of the crimes against the person in charge of the premises, a relevant criminal case was filed and he will be brought before the Larnaca district court for immediate trial,” the police statement said.

In the last 24 hours, police booked in total 99 individuals and three business owners for Covid violations.