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Michelin master: how a world-class chef gets his culinary inspiration

In this video, we meet chef Carlos Shin (Shin Seung-hwan), of Seoul’s one-Michelin-star Terreno restaurant, and discover how this Korean culinary master draws inspiration for his gourmet creations.

Despite being born and raised in the centre of the throbbing metropolis that is Seoul, and working his way through acclaimed restaurants in Japan, the US, the Middle East, Australia and Europe, chef Shin Seung-hwan has always yearned for a quieter, more placid lifestyle, close to nature.

“In every country I have lived or worked, I have always been outside of the city, near the coast or above on the mountains, so I have always missed the rural life,” he says.

And the awarded restaurant at which he expresses his mastery echoes that yearning.

Earth, land, terrain – the name ‘Terreno’ itself clearly sums up what chef Shin Seung-hwan aims to deliver on a plate – the flavours that Mother Nature intended. In fact, he personally grows and harvests many of the herbs and vegetables he uses in his dishes.

View the original video here.

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