Around 1,180 coronavirus vaccination slots were booked by people belonging to specific vulnerable groups were booked by 9am on Sunday morning, an hour after portal was opened for them.

A total of 7,500 slots were opened for these groups and will close at 8pm on Monday.

Slots were available for Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines.

The ministry of health said there were 7,200 people registered with Gesy who had one of the complaints listed to currently access the portal.

According to the ministry of health until Friday a total of 183,225 vaccines had been given, of which 130,937 were the first dose while 52,288 people have had both.

The first dose has also been to 10,318 people in vulnerable groups as well as 654 people who are bed ridden.

Vaccinations of people in closed facilities had also started and will continue in the next few days. A total of 158 people in the central prison have been given the first dose.

On Saturday the portal for 57 and 58-year-olds closed at 8pm, by which time 4,920 people had booked vaccination slots, out of a total of 15,000 that were made available.

For people aged 59 and above the portal is not currently open. Until technical problems are solved they will not be able to either as the portal opens to new age groups.