In his excellent profile of  the animal loving Andreas Tsavellas and his DVD emporium (Sunday Mail, April 4)  Theo Panayides is right to point out that “Netflix and its rivals only keep films for limited periods and take them down when they feel like.”

Another DVD diehard still delighting film buffs with half-forgotten classics as well as more recent releases is the veteran Tasos Neophytou.

As your reporter notes he has recently moved his ELA DVD club and its comprehensively catalogued library to 65 Dighenis Aktritas  Avenue, Nicosia. It’s a corner shop at the junction with the side street Nikodimoy Milona and opposite the RSVP general store.

We have been one of the helpful Tasos’ regular customers for many years and not only because his shops have always been within easy walking distance.

 Colin & Sylvia Smith, Nicosia