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A moment of Easter contemplation: the monastery of Panagia tou Sinti

Despite the present Covid-related travel restrictions, the beautiful natural and urban areas of Cyprus are still accessible to us through the lenses of local creators.

In an increasingly secular age, it may be hard for many of us to imagine the urge to build a structure purely to venerate a deity. But as Cyprus’ landscape attests, people of a different time were willing to engage in sustained, physical labour to create places of worship.

As many of us count down to tonight’s midnight Easter service, marking the symbolic resurrection of Christ in the culminating moment of Greek Orthodox Easter, we may contemplate on the ineffable in the privacy of our homes.

Or, given the restrictions of lockdown, in this video by wedding photographer and videographer George Avgousti, we can vicariously visit the old monastery of Panagia tou Sinti, southeast of Pentalia village in the Paphos district, to reflect on the tempests of modern life, and the toll of living in an uncertain time.

There may no longer be monks to sweep the flagstones, but the sanctuary’s enduring arches, stairwells and courtyard bear witness to moments when the cares of the world were temporarily set aside, in a dimension of life belonging to the divine.

To view more scenes of the island through George’s lens, or to book him directly for your special day, follow him via:

View the original video here.

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