The restaurant and café sector on Wednesday asked Disy’s leadership to convey their demand for less stringent rapid test requirements to the government.

The issue was raised by Fanos Leventis, president of the Pancyprian Association of Recreation Establishments in a meeting with the president and deputy president of the ruling party, Averof Neophytou and Harris Georgiades.

Georgiades said that the demands put forward by the sector could be positively reviewed in light of the improved epidemiological situation.

“The sector of the recreation sector, of catering more generally, is one of the most important of the Cyprus economy and we absolutely recognise that it is one of the sectors that has been most impacted by the pandemic and the crisis we have been experiencing in the past year.”

He said that Disy would convey and discuss the issues raised with the government with the reasonable expectation that solutions can be found which, without endangering the epidemiological situation, further facilitate economic activity in this important sector.

Leventis, who was accompanied by members of the association, said they had put forward their positions and presented arguments in support of their demand that the rapid test required to go to a restaurant or café be accepted for a week and not just 72 hours after it was carried out.

“I believe that they listened to our views with understanding, and we hope that they will be conveyed to the highest level where necessary so that the right decisions are taken and the issue is resolved the soonest possible,” he said.

The sector sees this as instrumental to reviving business after the lockdown. They have also been calling for a later curfew from the current 11 pm deadline.