Famagusta municipality on Tuesday invited refugees from the occupied town and everyone else join them on Monday July 19 evening at the protest in Dherynia against Turkish moves in Varosha.

The protest is being organised ahead of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s scheduled visit in the north on July 20 and possible announcements on Varosha.

“All of Cyprus must be there,” the municipality said.

It added that people from all districts, Nicosians, Paphians, Limassolians, Larnacans, from Morphou and Kyrenia, “we are all Famagustians.”

“We must all be there to shout loud that Erdogan has no say in Famagusta and that Cyprus does not belong to him,” the municipality said in a statement.

It added that the message should be heard by the powerful of the Earth, but also the EU and the UN “that Cyprus is one and will remain as one,” and that partition of the island and the two-state solution the Turkish side pursues is not an option.

The protest will take place at 7pm on Monday July 19 at the Famagusta municipality’s cultural centre in Dherynia.

Bus transportation will be arranged from Nicosia, Limassol and Larnaca.

From Nicosia, buses will depart from the Cyprus Handicrafts Centre (186 Athalassa Avenue, Dasoupolis) at 5.30pm.

Buses from Limassol will depart from the offices of the Famagusta municipality at 5.15 pm (138 Archbishop Makarios Avenue).

From Larnaca buses will depart from the new GSZ stadium parking lot, next to the kiosk, at 5.30pm.

Those interested in bus transportation may call Petros Kekkos at 25384073 and 25339757 between 7.30am and 3pm, by Friday the latest.