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Seven technologies invented by children and teens

Hey kids, we know that science and technology attracts both young and adult minds alike, who enjoy creating new things and finding unusual solutions to various problems.

So… in this video, we cover some incredible examples of when kids or teens came up with brilliant inventions, many of which are still being used today.

They include:

  • Blaise Pascal: known as the creator of the first mechanical calculator
  • Ralph Samuelson: the sport-loving teen created the basis for a new sport – waterskiing
  • George Nissen: co-creator of the trampoline
  • J. Armand Bombardier: a budding engineer who came up with the forerunner to today’s snowmobile
  • Ann Makosinski: inventor of a flashlight fully powered by human body heat
  • Louis Braille: perfecter of a tactile alphabet, still in use today
  • Jack Andraka: inventor of a cheap and effective medical test

View the original video here.

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