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A series of full moon ceremonies

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Full Moon ceremonies have been practised throughout history, with a number of cultures associating the full moon with different ideas. While rituals and symbols may differ from culture to culture, they all agree on one thing: that the full moon is a time when things are amplified, power is easily accessed and energy is heightened. Several organisations often organise group or guided full moon ceremonies and a series of such events are coming up in Ormidia.

“A full moon is a wonderful time to release, let go and cleanse yourself of whatever it is that is holding you down while you are at your strongest, most powerful self,” says Soul Space, the organisers of monthly full moon ceremonies taking place at Romantzo Restaurant in Ormidia.

“We will facilitate a sacred space, where you can delve deeper into the mysteries and magical powers of each moon. Each ceremony will consist of a variety of rituals, meditations and exercises such as yoga, tantra, dance, journaling and purification techniques, and will build on the previous one, giving a full spectrum of techniques that invite you to transform, evolve and become one with yourself and the universe.”

With July’s full moon arriving on Friday 23, Soul Space is organising one ceremony this month on Saturday 24. The session is called Guru Moon – Celebration and like the other full moon ceremonies, it will include a 90-minute yoga and meditation practice on the beach, relaxation, a live DJ to enhance the yoga flow and healthy snacks and refreshments. Plenty more rituals will take place throughout the year with every full moon so more ceremonies will follow on August 22, September 21 and October 20. Tune in, disconnect and feel the moonlight with Soul Space.


Full Moon Ceremony

Yoga, meditation and more for a full moon ritual by Soul Space. July 24. Romantzo Restaurant, Ormideia. 7.30pm-9.30pm. reservations at [email protected]

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