The Citizen Commissioner’s Office on Wednesday updated the list of incentives for young to promote vaccination.

To date, the application process for incentives provided has been completed by the following companies / organisations:

  1. ZARA (100 gift vouchers of €50 for ZARA stores): 5,863 people expressed interest.
  2. Tus Airways (100 airline tickets to Greece): 4,610 people expressed interest.
  3. Cyprus Theatre Organisation (100 annual theatre subscriptions): 1,098 people expressed interest.
  4. Cyprus Airways (150 airline tickets): 6,062 people expressed interest.

Interested parties will receive relevant information from the respective company or organisation.

The following companies have been added to the list of incentives to promote vaccination:

  1. Royal Caribbean Cruises: 20 double cabins for a 7-day cruise to the Greek islands.
  2. IKEA: 100 gift cards of €50 for purchases of products from IKEA and the IKEA e-shop.

The list can be found on the website but also on the website.