Police on Friday arrested a 53-year-old man, believed to be a doctor, who is suspected of issuing fake vaccination certificates to three people now seriously or critically ill with Covid-19.

As the news broke, the Cyprus Medical Association pledged zero tolerance of such incidents.

In a statement, police said they were investigating a case of conspiracy to commit an offence, forgery of an official document, circulation of a fake document, securing registration under false pretenses, negligent action leading to bodily harm and violations of the law on the general health system. (Gesy)

The alleged offences were committed in Larnaca between April 26 and August 6, they added.

“According to the information under investigation, three persons hospitalised in serious/critical condition with Covid-19 are reported to be in possession of a fake vaccination certificate that was issued by the suspect.”

The suspect is being held under an arrest warrant to facilitate police inquiries. Larnaca CID’s investigation continues.

Meanwhile, responding to the reports the CMA said it was sending a strict message that it will show no tolerance of any behaviour or actions by its members that endanger public health and blacken the scientific reputation of the medical community of Cyprus.

The CMA asked for a thorough investigation of the complaint by the police and said it was ready to help police in any way it could.