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How to furnish an apartment on a budget

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When you’re furnishing your apartment, it might be tempting to take out your credit card and lay it all on the line: but don’t do this to yourself.  There are many ways to build beautiful homes and apartments while avoiding spending every cent from your paychecks.  

Here are the best ways to furnish an apartment on a budget!  Some foresight and planning can make your dream home come true in any rental.

Shop second hand often

Shopping second-hand is the best way to save money and get what you want.  Although it can be annoying when you go and see nothing that you like, attempt to go to second-hand shops.  Ask workers how often they put out new pieces and aim for those times or days.  If you can become friends with one of the workers, let them know you’ll tip them a $20 or that you’ll be eternally grateful if they’ll text you when a piece similar to what you’re looking for comes in.

Look at discount sections in home stores

Many home stores have discount sections!  This is clearest in Ikea, where their discount section has dozens of free and discounted items that you wouldn’t find elsewhere.  This could mean a lamp with some problems but is fixable, or a table with a slight scuff on it for over half off the regular price.  Although most of these have issues you’ll have to fix, it’s worth it to get a major discount.

Scope out sites like Craigslist

Many sites like craigslist or local eBay listings will allow you to hunt through cheap second-hand items from numerous people who live in your area.  Although quality can be unreliable, you’ll have to clean deep whatever you receive: these sites can help you find things that wouldn’t be available otherwise.  Another perk is you can haggle with the sellers and try to lower the price to something affordable.

Talk to your family and friends

Talk to the people in your life and see if they have any furniture they thought about giving away or selling.  Many people in Arlington apartments buy too much furniture and then are shocked at how much they have.  This is a perk for you because that means you may know someone who has a lot they’re trying to get rid of!  If you can’t afford something, and you know they can sell it for far more elsewhere, don’t try to talk them into giving it to you for free.  This can be seen as rude and pushy.

Curb hunt at the end of the month

When the month is ending and people are moving, many will put out whatever furniture they don’t need at the end of their driveway.  This can be nice because it usually means the furniture is free: but it can also mean that the furniture may get rained on or may have so much damage they didn’t think that they could sell it. So look over any item you pick up carefully and ensure you’re not gathering garbage.

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